How to to keep fish fresh in the refrigerator

Keeping your fish fresh at home is crucial if you want to enjoy it at its best!


To help our fish stay market-fresh during deliveries, our fish are vacuum-packed along with industrial grade ice blocks. This is our trusty Seabird System.

Most refrigerators at home are set up around 4 degrees celsius or lower. At this temperature, raw fish can be safely stored for 2 or 3 days. But there are a few things you can do to extend this and keep your fish as fresh as you got it from your favourite fishmonger.

Keep your fish fresh using ice

One method is to use crushed ice in a bowl, surrounding your fish. Tightly wrap your fish in cling film and place in a bowl filled with crushed ice so that it is completely covered.

You would, however, have to empty the bowl frequently so that the fish does not soak in water. Proper icing allows for the fish to be stored for an additional couple of days.

Keep your fish fresh without ice

If you don’t have crushed ice, you can still keep your fish extra fresh.

First, pat the fish dry with kitchen towels. Moisten a clean tea towel and line the bottom of a bowl with it. Spread your fish on top and cover the bowl with cling film. This method will keep the fillets cold and moist but not too wet.

With this method, you can keep whole fish for 5 days and fillets for 3 days.

The important thing to remember, whatever method you use, is to never leave fish to soak in water or fish juices in plastic bags or else. Next time, we’ll see how to properly store fish in the freezer so you can keep it fresh even longer.

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