How to cook fish on the barbecue

Barbecueing is the ultimate way to share good times with friends and family and enjoy tasty food. Adding fish to the mix can make your BBQ extra special and can be very rewarding if you know a few tricks to make sure your barbecued fish is a success.

Ideally, you should use a mesh-type grill so you can cook more delicate fish easily. If you don’t have such a grill then you can cook the fish in tinfoil.

Be sure to oil your fish before placing it on the grill so it doesn’t stick. A clean grill will also help prevent the fish from sticking to it.

How to cook fish fillets on the BBQ

If you want to cook fish fillets directly on the grill, choose firm-fleshed fish that can stand the heat without falling apart, such as salmon, monkfish or halibut. To cook more delicate fish such as seabass or lemon sole, wrap the fillets in foil with a bit of liquid and some herbs and spices. It will steam the fish and keep it moist.

You can also use fillets to make fish skewers or fish burgers, which often helps to make it more appealing for young children.

How to cook whole fish on the BBQ

You can also choose to cook fish whole. This style of serving makes for an impressive main course and helps keep the fish moist and flavourful. You can also stuff whole fish, which is a great way to add flavour.

One way to cook whole fish is to use a fish basket, which consists of two metal grids that ‘sandwich’ the fish and helps the stuffing stay inside. It also produces a crispy skin. If you don’t own a fish basket, you can wrap your whole fish in foil. It won’t have a crispy skin but the flesh will be wonderfully moist.

Seasoning fish for BBQ

Try marinating your fish – something as simple as a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and a few herbs can work wonders. Classic flavours usually suit barbecued fish quite well: garlic, lemon, basil, thyme or chilli. Try to avoid flavours that will overpower the fish and mask its taste. You can also use flavoured butters or side sauces.

Sides to serve with barbecued fish

Grilled vegetables complement fish cooked on a BBQ. Try Mediterranean veg such as courgettes, tomatoes, aubergine or bell peppers. You can also serve light salads as a side dish. If you prefer something more substantial, serve your fish with rice or roast potatoes.

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