How to keep your fish fresh in the freezer

We make it super easy to freeze your fish. Because our fish is individually packed and vacuum-sealed, all you need to do is pop your fish in your freezer and that’s you done! If you’re buying your fillets directly from your fishmonger, you will need to properly pack your fish so you can keep fresh for longer in the freezer.


Fish flesh can lose its quality in the freezer through dehydration and oxidation. What we commonly call “Freezer burn” is an advanced stage of dehydration. Properly packaged fish can stay fresh in the freezer for months. although the quality still slowly continues to degrade the longer it’s kept.

Properly freezing means you want to keep the oxygen out and the moisture in. Aluminium foil works well but punctures easily. Use cling film as a first wrap – most companies make freezer grade ones – which will remove all air pockets. You can add another layer of cling film, making sure each time that you are squeezing air out as much as possible without crushing the fish. You can then use sealable freezer bags or aluminium foil, indicating the date on the package.

We vacuum-pack our fish so that it stays fresh and is easy to store in the freezer.

Freezer bags with a zip are also good to use, but make sure you get as much air out as possible. You can zip the bag almost completely and then submerge the bag in water to remove air and zip the bag completely. A little water might get in, but that’s actually better than to leave air in.

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