How to get kids to eat more fish & seafood

Getting kids into healthy eating habits is very important as they are more likely to stick to it once they’re older. But they can also be very picky and fussy when it comes to fish & seafood. Here are a few tips to help you get them to like fish as much as you do!

child eating

1. Slowly introduce fish & seafood to your kids

Memories about food created in childhood can sometimes stick around for a long time, which is why it’s important to be careful about how you introduce different foods.

Make sure you introduce fish & seafood slowly to your children: start with mild tasting fish  such as cod or haddock, and don’t use whole fish – the appearance of whole fish on a plate can very much repulse young children. Use fillets or steaks!

2. Make eating fish fun!

Why not make your own fishcakes or fish burger? Try to involve your kids in the making of the meal – creating fun memories and sharing some quality time as a family can help kids associate cooking and eating fish to good times and are more likely to be willing to try the food they helped making.

You can also choose recipes that are easy to eat using fingers, such as burgers, tacos, kebabs or even pizza!

3. Choose kid-friendly recipes

What seems to you as a simple fish fingers & mash dinner can mean a whole lot more for your kids! Keep your meals simple and with mild flavours, especially the first times. Why not make your own fish fingers and homemade potato mash?

Don’t forget about things like pasta & pizza, that can be your best friends when it comes to encouraging your children to eat more fish & seafood. Fish pies are a good option too!

4. Be extra picky when it comes to bones

Bones are never a pleasant thing to find when you’re eating fish, but for young children, it can even be dangerous. Bones can be a massive deal-breaker for these fussy eaters. Make sure you buy fillets that have been deboned and properly cleaned.

Being super-picky on this can help ensure that your children have the best first experience as possible when eating fish for the first times. All the fish we offer in our shop has been deboned and cleaned for your convenience.

5. Make the frying pan your friend

Now, we’re not suggesting deep-frying your fish all the time, but frying fish & seafood is a great way to quickly cook food – perfect for when your littles ones are getting hungry and impatient!

Use a non-stick pan and keep fat to a minimum, but make sure you add some fresh herbs or seasoning to enhance the flavour of the fish. Cook your fish in a crust to add some texture! Be careful not to dry the fish by cooking it too much as this can really have a negative impact on the experience.

And finally remember to experiment, tread carefully but do not give up! Fish & seafood is a really important part of a healthy, balanced diet and teaching this to young kids will only be better for their health later on!

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