Defrosting Fish in Cold water

We’ve seen how to defrost fish in the refrigerator, but alternatively, you can use cold water to help your fish thaw.

<<Method 1: In the refrigerator 

Method 2: In cold water

If you’re short on time or forgot to take your fish out of the freezer the night before, you can use cold water to reduce the time needed to thaw the fish.

vacuum packed

First, make sure the fish is sealed in a plastic bag. The water shouldn’t touch the fish so it’s important to be careful at this stage. Place the bag with the fish in a pot filled with cold water (if the fish floats, you can use weight such as a plate to make sure it’s submerged). Let it sit for about an hour before checking if the fish is completely thawed.

For thin fish fillets, you can run the bag under a steady stream of tap water. This should be quicker but only works if your fish is thin enough.

Do NOT use hot water to thaw the fish. This will change the taste and texture and thaw the fish unevenly, making the outer layers vulnerable to bacteria before the middle is thawed.

>>Method 3: In the Microwave

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