How to choose, prepare & cook prawns

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We have been listening to our customers’ suggestions and have extended our range of products available online: we are now selling frozen prawns!

Tiger prawns & King prawns are commonly sold in the UK. They are a big and juicy variety of prawns. North Atlantic prawns are also commonly found and often sold cooked.


How to choose prawns

Our prawns are frozen as soon as they are caught in order to preserve their freshness to a maximum. If you’re buying them fresh, here’s what you should know.

Prawns, whether cooked or raw, should smell fresh and not fishy. They should look moist – avoid the ones that look dry or have cracked shells. Prawns can be bought either raw or cooked and are sometimes already prepared (head and shell removed) or left in the shell. When raw, prawns have a blue-grey colour and turn pink once cooked.

How to prepare prawns

If you are buying prawns in the shell, you will need to peel them. Peeling the prawns after cooking them will allow for juicier and more flavourful prawns, but you can also decide to peel them when they are still raw.

Start by twisting the head off the prawn, holding the body. Pull the shell open along the length of the belly, working from the head to the tail end. The very end of the shell can be left on or off, depending on your preference.

If there is a black line running down the back of the prawn, you may want to remove it: this means the intestinal tract is full. It is not harmful to eat but can be a bit gritty. To remove this, use a small and sharp knife and run it along the length of the black line. Life using the end of the knife.

How to store prawns

Like all fish and shellfish, keep the prawns fresh in their original packaging or a sealed container and eat within 24 hours of purchase. Frozen prawns will last a lot longer.

How to cook prawns

Prawns are very quick and easy to cook. Depending on the size, count 2 to 6 minutes to stir-fry, 3 to 4 minutes each side on a barbecue, or 3 to 10 minutes to poach.

Cooking tips:

If you’re buying prawns shell-on, buy double the weight of shell-off prawns you need.

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